L’eccellenza Made in Italy

MICAM - Assocalzaturifici

Il Made in Italy è un modo di vivere, una filosofia di eccellenza!

Noi di Conceria Gaiera Giovanni siamo orgogliosi di far parte di questa filiera

Conceria Gaiera e il Made in Italy

“Il cambiamento è costante. L ‘ integrazione tecnologica è la chiave per il futuro delle calzature”

MICAM 90 Milano

Dal video di Assocalzaturifici: scoprire le innovazioni nell'industria calzature.

“Made in Italy is a way of living a philosophy of excellenge that in our country stars from food and goes to fashion and footwear. Talking about shoes, Made in Italy is manufactured in the seven most important districts that are located in seven italian regions: Lombardia, veneto, Toscana, Marche, Emilia Romagna, Campania e Puglia. The excellence of italian shoe making has attracted the most important international brands. The majority of the most beautiful shoes sold around the world are Made in Italy. We set the guidelines to make a shoe, that is then sold al over the world, so Made in Italy is right here. It’s right in the district. This is our strength. The district basically works like this: we are all small masters, each in our own field. And we eventually become an orchestra. Everyone has a note, which has to be played at best, in order to build a work of art, thet is a shoe. The strength of the district is definitely innovation. In the district everyone works in the same sector, everyone wants to bring something more, everyone wants to bring innovation. It is important to have a close relationship with all operators so as to have a stronger voice in the world from all rings of the supply chain which we deal with daily. Italy includes districts that act differently and have different characteristics. The shoe district of Marche is different from Milan, Toscana or Veneto. Made in Italy meant producing beauty and all those things appreciated by the world in the shadow of the bell towers. And the italian district still works in the shadow of the bell towers. Today Italy is the district: strong relationship among the companies of the supply chain, with an open innovation mind. It is necessary to come to Italy to make such a perfect product because for us it’s something natural. In many other countries this crazy for detail is probably lacking. Until a few ago we had a limited idea of district, which could be one of the regions where shoes are Made in Italy. Today is no longer like that. For me Italy is the district. The district is everything collecting the Made in Italy. The district is indeed our know-how to make shoes, in our own way.”